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Posted by Tom on
Excellent job on the new webpage!
Posted by Chris Knwlton on
Very nice site!
Posted by Larry Kilbury on
The site looks good and loads extremely fast. Great job!! I checked out the photos and that part looks good. I'll be back to see more later.

Posted by kimberly banach on
love the site.....could u please put my email on your data base
Posted by karen lowenguth on
I attened my first meeting this past saturday. I had a very nice time. everyone was very happy to share infromation and hear what "you" have been making. There was alot of wine to sample, and boy where they good! Very friendly group of people!
Karen Anne
Posted by Dan Lodico on

I have been making wines in my basement since 2004. I started with kits, but have transitioned to making wines from fresh grapes and juices.
I live in Elmira, and have been trying to start up a local winemaking club, but have found no interest.

I am interested in meeting people who share my interest in home winemaking, even if it is just on the internet!
Dan Lodico
Posted by Bruce Didsbury on
Interested in developing a hobby with winemaking
Posted by jill on
Originally posted by John Migliore on Nov. 29, 2011; edited to remove cell number.

My name is John Migliore and I am inquiring regarding your wine club. After a long and extensive search for a club like yours in my local area (Buffalo) I am unable to locate one. If there is one PLEASE let me know. If not I feel that I can not be the only one in Buffalo interested in the hobby. With that said I figure if I cant find one then, I would like to start one. I am in hopes of that you would be willing to help me. I tried to use the emails from the contact list and they get rejected. Please give me a call at my business 716-462-5322.
Thank You so much!

John "MIGZ" Migliore
MIGZ Media
MIGZ Photography Studio & Gallery
610 Hertel Ave.
Buffalo N.Y. 14207
Posted by Adam Mesiti on
Thank you for this informative site. I own Five Sons Vineyard locatied in Brockport, New York, just west of Rochester. We specialize in growing top quality grapes for wineries and for the home wine maker. If anyone is interested in purchasing top quality juices for home wine making and save themselves a trip to the finger lakes please contact us. Our number is (585)734-7684 or e-mail us at fivesonswines@yahoo.com
Posted by Dean R Battaglini on
First time visit
Posted by mark lukowski on
Very nice site with good information,Thanks
Posted by Jack Mulfinger on
I am a home winemaker from Pennsylvania. Thanks for the site, good information.
Posted by Wendy Matthews on
Glad I came Across this website I have a small business called" wine and vine " I'll be away July and August In September I hope you have another meeting and I certainly will attend. My company is an in-home wine tasting company. I go to peoples homes and prvide classes, tastings or theme parties. Check my web site, wine-and-vine.com. Wendy Matthews
Posted by Frank Turpin on
I'm writing from Ontario Canada. Being a home wine maker and a senior citizen, I am very interested in the plans to build a carboy lifter as illustrated by Dale Ims on your website.
Would it be possible to get the component dimensions?

Thank You.
Posted by kel on
Love the site
Posted by Glenn McClure on
Happy to find you all!
Posted by James E Hodock on
I will be starting my first attempts with wine making in 2014. Right now I am setting up a suitable work area in my basement. Im actually putting in a 2nd ceiling over the work area only because my house was built in 1860.... need I say more. I just want to be as particle free as I can. If anyone has any tips for layout please let me know. Currently my wine making mentor lives in Liverpool (Syracuse)
Posted by Denny Hugg on
Grapes don't grow in this hot, wet climate beside the Gulf of Mexico (Gulfport, MS). Instead, we search out wild natural fruits and in season some domestic ones. Just racked 6gal of "Butia capitata" the Jelly Palm wine mixed with Welches Niagara White frozen concentrate. First attempt. The fruit tastes and smells like the swamp hawthorne fruit "mayhaw" that we pick about the 15th of May, except that the jelly palm has an extreme acid content and a slight viscous juice.

I envy the grape growers and vintners of New York (But not until warmer summer temps).
Posted by Dan Wolfe on
Hey guys great web site. I drop in from time to time to see whats new. I'm from NW PA, I wish I lived closer as I would certainly be a member.

PIWC Associate Winemaker
Posted by Mike Braden on
Website looks awesome.
Posted by Nitin Bhise on
I am very glad that I chanced to come across the extremely well written article “Extract, Residual Sugar & ABV” on this website.

I have been making wine at home since 10 years and have developed my own formulae from first principles for estimating ABV and RS. However, I had ignored Extracts and had presumed wine to be comprising of only Water, Ethanol and residual Sucrose. As a result, my estimate of RS has generally been in the range of 3.5% to 4.5% for my wines. This had always intrigued me as the estimated values appeared high going by the taste of the wines. After refining the formulae by taking Extracts into account as recommended in this article, the estimated RS now appears to be consistent with the taste. A great load off my mind !!

A great website. I would surely be visiting it often.

Thanks, Nitin Bhise
Posted by Randy Agness on
A Gold medal for Rochester Area Home Winemakers ...
Winemaker Magazine 2014 International Amateur Winemaker Competition in the White American Native Varietal category for my 2012 Finger Lakes Niagara. I was asked on the entry form which club or organization. Also, recieved a Bronze Medal in the Blush / Rose Native American category.
Posted by Danny Rao on
Hi everyone , I live near Elmira and would like to join a home wine making club . I have been making wine for about a year now and I have a lot to learn and mistakes to make . Lol
Posted by Mark Lukowski on
Hello fellow winemakers...Great site, informative and easy to use! Looking to join as there doesn't seem to be any clubs in the Buffalo area where I'm from. Have been making wine for almost 15 years and won many awards for my wines along with making my own equipment. Thanks once again.