Article I – Name

The organization name shall be ROCHESTER AREA HOME WINEMAKERS. Referred to as (RAHW).

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of RAHW is to encourage growth and knowledge of home wine making by sharing ideas with club and experts, to strive for high standards in home winemaking, to attract new home winemaking enthusiasts and to promote appreciation of fine homemade wine.

Article III – Members

Membership is open to any individual, or additional household member, interested in home winemaking and who subscribes to the purpose of RAHW and is over 21 years of age.

Members have the privilege and the duty to attend meetings, vote, and hold office in RAHW.

Members are defined as those whose dues are current and are listed in the organization’s directory.

The club may establish routine procedures for dropping individual members who fail to pay club dues, who miss a certain number of meetings or who fall below other minimum standards as determined by the club. In addition, the club may expel, suspend or decline to renew club membership of any individual (a) who does not support the club’s purposes; (b) who does not contribute to the club’s program’s and activities; (c) who acts in a manner inconsistent with the standards of conduct set by the club; or (d) for other just cause.

Article IV – Meetings

Regular meetings will be held at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors (BOD). Members will receive notice in advance of all meetings and will be welcome and encouraged to attend and participate.

The BOD must approve all meetings or other activities conducted in the name of RAHW or sponsored by RAHW.

The quorum for scheduled meetings shall be 7 members in good standing and decisions are to be determined by a majority vote. Robert’s Rules of Order shall apply.

There shall be NO proxy votes cast.

Article V – Officers

The officers of RAHW shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers will be nominated, elected, and installed at the first quarter of the fiscal year.


  1. Shall be the spokesperson for the RAHW and preside over all meetings.
  2. Shall maintain good communications among members and insure that all officers and RAHW appointees discharge their duties satisfactorily.

Vice President

  1. Shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  2. Shall be responsible for the organizing of meeting programs.


  1. Shall be responsible for the records and correspondence of RAHW and make them available to the membership.
  2. Shall be the official custodian of the historical records of RAHW.
  3. Shall be responsible for communications to all members of RAHW.
  4. Shall maintain the RAHW membership directory.


  1. Shall have the care and custody of all monies of RAHW and be solely responsible for such monies.
  2. Shall sign all checks for RAHW and maintain the checking account.
  3. Shall provide a written accounting of the financial status of RAHW as directed by the BOD.

In the event of a vacancy in any office except the President, the BOD shall fill the office by appointment.

In the case of the President’s resignation or removal of office the Vice President shall fill the office of the President and the BOD shall appoint a replacement for the Vice President.

Except for the President, all officers and BOD members shall serve a one (1) year term. To insure continuity the vice president shall automatically serve as president the following year.

Nominations, elections, and installation of new officers (Vice President, Treasurer, & Secretary) and three (3) BOD members shall be conducted each year in order to maintain fairness for all members of RAHW.

The process shall follow a schedule at RAHW meetings:

  • January - Nominations of new officers and BOD members.
  • March - Elections of new officers and BOD members.
  • April banquet - Installations of new officers and BOD members.

Article VI – Board of Directors

The RAHW Board of Directors (BOD) shall have seven members including the four elected officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three other BOD seats.

The BOD shall meet to conduct business, establish policies, plan, and supervise the activities of RAHW.

A majority of the BOD constitutes a quorum and a simple majority vote of those present is required to decide issues.

The BOD shall be responsive to the wishes of the RAHW membership.

Article VII – Dues

The membership dues are to be paid on the calendar year basis, and shall start on January 1st and run through December 31st of the same year. Dues are payable to the RAHW treasurer at the beginning of each calendar year or before, and will be considered delinquent after June 1st. Dues are not prorated for any portion of a partial year.

There are no admission fees for regular meetings but the BOD will set the fees for any special events.

The BOD will set the annual dues. Dues for additional family members, over 21 years of age, shall be assessed at $5.00 per additional family member.

Article VIII – Committees

The President with the advice of the BOD appoints all committee chairpersons.

The Program Committee is chaired by the Vice President and is responsible for the meeting programs and other activities of RAHW.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for presenting an annual slate of potential officers to the BOD.

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruitment and all other membership activities.

Other committees may be established as required.

Article IX – Amendments

These articles may be amended by a majority vote of the members attending a regular meeting of RAHW, provided that the proposed amendments have been submitted to the general membership 30 days in advance of the meeting.

Article X – Dissolution

Should the RAHW ever be dissolved, any remaining funds in the treasury and any remaining property or equipment will be distributed to an educational non-profit organization approved by the BOD.

Article XI – Legal Status

The RAHW is an unincorporated association formed solely for the purpose of privately educating its individual members. The club is not legally affiliated with any company, agency or special interest group. The use of the funds of this club shall be limited to educational purposes. They shall not be used for political purposes or for the benefit of any individual.

Revised November 11, 2014