Rochester Area Home Winemakers (RAHW) has been promoting amateur winemaking in the Rochester, New York area since 2006. We are open to home winemakers of all levels, from beginner to expert.

To attend one of our meetings, check the date of our next meeting. Use this membership application to join us. If you have questions about our organization, feel free to email a club officer using the contacts page. Non-members and those living outside the Rochester area are welcome to visit this site as a resource to learn about winemaking.

Why join our organization?

Benefits include:

  • Invitations to club events
  • Winemaking help from members
  • The chance to share your own winemaking experience
  • A 10% discount on winemaking supplies from some local winemaking supply stores
  • Opportunities to meet professional winemakers.

Our student grants

To further RAHW’s purpose to promote winemaking education, we award $250 each year to a deserving student who completes his or her second year in Finger Lakes Community College’s Viticulture/Enology program and plans to either get a job in Viticulture/Enology or continue in a Bachelors degree program in that field. The FLCC Foundation administers the grant and chooses the recipient each year.


RAHW club is excited to announce that our very first student grant has been awarded to Catlin Boland, who just graduated from the Viticulture/Enology program at Finger Lakes Community College. Catlin plans to pursue her lifelong passion for winemaking by doing harvest work around the Finger Lakes, and possibly in South Africa's Cape region, before she heads to Washington State University to complete her Bachelor's in Enology.